Kelly’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring can help you select the type of hardwood floors that work best for your style and budget, choosing from our wide selection of widths, thicknesses, colors, and wood species. Besides the classic North American hardwoods (including red oak, white oak, maple and ash), you might consider an exotic hardwood species, which offers unique colors and grain patterns.

Why Should I Choose Solid Wood Floors?

True hardwood flooring is a plank of real wood from top to bottom that offers both beauty and sophistication to discriminating homeowners. Other types of flooring are processed to make them look the way wooden flooring looks naturally. Why not get the real deal? While solid is often the more expensive option than other flooring types, consider this: it instantly adds value to your largest investment…your home! With Kelly’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring selection, flooring can be affordable for any budget. Today’s technology advances in stains and finishes makes maintenance simple with only sweeping or vacuuming and minimal cleaning products needed. Wood is a natural, replaceable and recyclable resource, making it eco-friendly. It’s a beautiful choice!

Let Kelly’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring help you select the wood floors that will best suit your project by scheduling a House Call today.