If you’d like to buy carpet, Kelly’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring must be on your shopping list! With one of the widest selections of carpeting in the Columbus area and knowledgeable customer service representatives, we can help you select the new flooring that best meets your lifestyle and fashion.

Carpeting comes in different types of “pile,” which describes the way the threads are looped. Options include:

  • Cut Pile: This type of carpet is less resistant to crushing than other types and is the most popular option for those looking to buy carpet. The looped fibers are cut at the top so that each bundle stands straight.
  • Loop Pile: Unlike cut pile, the yarn in this type of carpeting is looped into the carpet backing and is not cut at the top. The loop heights may be level or varied. Level loop is very durable and track resistant because the loops prevent dirt from dropping into the carpet.  Multi-level loop offers a richer texture but is better for medium-traffic areas since the random texture can trap dirt.
  • Cut and Loop Pile: This type of carpet intermixes the cut strands of cut pile and the looped strands of loop pile, giving the surface a sculptured look that can hide dirt and footprints and a medium durability.
  • Saxony: Providing a beautiful and soft texture that is often used in formal areas, Saxony carpeting is made with cut piles that are tightly twisted together for a straight surface. With a medium-grade durability, Saxony can often show footprints and vacuum-cleaner marks.
  • Frieze: Like Saxony, Frieze carpeting has twisted, cut pile. However, the short fibers curl randomly for a more interesting and informal texture that hides footprints and vacuum-cleaner marks.
  • Velvet/Plush: Similar to Saxony, plush carpeting has a twisted, cut pile, but is even softer and less textured. It has a very formal feeling to it, but shows every footprint and vacuum-cleaner mark.
  • Berber: A type of level loop pile carpeting, Berber is very popular for informal areas. Its thick yarns are highly durable but can trap dirt.

Regardless of the type of carpet you buy, your new flooring will add a warm and cozy feel to any room. And with the extensive options in pile, color, and pattern at Kelly’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring, you’re sure to find the look and feel you want. Schedule a house call appointment for a free measure and estimate.